Landowners and Property Managers

You need to be aware of UXO hazards if:

  • you own or manage property that could have old military munitions on or under the ground or in the water or
  • the property was once used for military purposes (a “legacy site”) but it is now owned by another government organization or a private owner.

Property owners and managers have a special responsibility to ensure everyone who enters the property is aware of the UXO hazard and what action to take. Not doing so can be dangerous and costly.

If you are responsible for a site that could contain UXO, it is important that you contact us early in the planning and permit phases of any development, construction or other work on the site. We will assist by determining the potential risk and by initiating the appropriate risk mitigation activities to ensure your and the public’s safety.

If you are planning work, we recommend that you consult the Construction, Agriculture and Natural Resources section of this website. This section will help you recognize UXO areas and offers advice for organizations and individuals working at the site.

If your property is used for recreational purposes, we also recommend you consult the Living Near A UXO Site section of this website.

If you own or operate a scrap yard, we recommend you visit the scrap yards section of the website.