Royal Canadian Navy

Flag Officers

Flag Officers (in ascending order): Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, and Commodore


Senior Officers

Senior Officers (in descending order): Captain (Navy), Commander, and Lieutenant-Commander


Junior Officers

Junior Officers (in descending order): Lieutenant (Navy), Sub-Lieutenant, and Acting Sub-Lieutenant


Subordinate Officer

Officer Cadets: Naval Cadet


Petty Officers

Petty Officers (in descending order): Chief Petty Officer 1st class, Chief Petty Officer 2nd class, Petty Officer 1st class, Petty Officer 2nd class


Junior Non-Commissioned Member

Junior Non-Commissioned Members (in descending order): Master Seaman, Leading Seaman, Able Seaman, Ordinar Seaman

Senior Appointments

Senior Appointments (in descending order): Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer, Command, Group Chief Petty Officer 1st Class, and Command, Group Formation, Fleet, Base Chief Petty Officer 1st Class



Appointments (in descending order): Drum Major, Pipe Major, Trumpet/Bugle Major


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