Canadian Armed Forces contingent successfully completes the Nijmegen Marches

News Release / July 19, 2013 / Project number: NR - 13.236

OTTAWA – A Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) contingent of 176 participants from across Canada proudly overcame a major physical challenge by crossing the finish line today after partaking in the 97th annual International Four Days MarchesNijmegen.

Led by Brigadier-General Kevin Cotten, the Canadian contingent marched
40 kilometres a day for four days in a row, while wearing standard combat clothing and carrying a military rucksack weighing at least 10 kilograms.

After completing the demanding 160 kilometres, members of the CAF contingent who completed the Four Day Marches Nijmegen were awarded the Four Day Marches Cross by Brigadier-General Cotten. The contingent then marched the streets of Nijmegen for the Victory Parade along the ‘Via Gladiola,' so named for the flowers thrown to the marchers along the way by tens of thousands of spectators.

"It was an incredible experience to march along a route lined by so many cheering Dutch people who continue to demonstrate their gratitude to present-day Canadians for the gallant and heroic actions of an earlier generation of Canadians who fought and died in the defence of their freedom," said Brigadier-General Cotten. "This year's contingent demonstrated once again that Canada has a first-class, modern military that is well trained, and ready to take on any challenge. Thank you to our Dutch hosts and Bravo Zulu to all!"

This year, the Canadian contingent was made up of both CAF members and a strong contingent of civilian VIPs, as well as a team dedicated to the ill and injured. Throughout the CAF contingent's training period, teams raised $42,129.01, which will be donated to both the Military Families and Soldier On funds.


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