Department of National Defence video for International Women’s Day – Questions and Answers

Video / March 8, 2018


Jody Thomas: Our greatest success for women in the Defence is that we have decided we’re going to create a workplace where women are welcome, embraced and promoted, and given opportunities because of their abilities, their competencies, their initiative and their imagination.

MND Harjit Sajjan: One of the things that we need to do is making sure that we showcase the great careers that the Canadian Forces has and we’re going to be doing that. We need to showcase the great role models that we already have in the Canadian Armed Forces and what they’re doing.

RAdm Jennifer Bennett: We’ve been able to normalize having women in leadership roles, in command positions, and in particular in operations around the world. Our presence in operations has proven to be critical with local communities, where women feel more comfortable dealing with other women. We found this in particular in Afghanistan. Canadian women are leading by example and are role models not only for the other nations that we serve with, but for citizens of the country in which we serve.

Sherry Romanado: I’ve had the great pleasure of travelling across this great land and talking to many, many military families over the last year and the incredible work that they do to support our brave men and women in uniform. So, I want to shout out for, you know, International Women’s Day to all the Canadian women, who are maybe not wearing special titles, or maybe not getting the kudos, but they absolutely deserve it every single day.

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