Department of National Defence video for International Women’s Day

Video / March 8, 2018


March 8 is International Women’s Day. This is a chance for Canadians to honour the contributions of women to our society. It is also a chance to consider next steps in advancing gender equality, by promoting the full participation of women in economic, social, and democratic life.

The Canadian Armed Forces was one of the first military forces to allow women to serve in all occupations. CAF members are selected for training and promotions, postings, and career opportunities based on rank, qualifications, and merit, regardless of gender or gender identity.

Today, Canadian women serve as equals and leaders in our military operations, continuing the legacy of protecting our country’s interests at home and abroad. We can always do better, and we will.

For example, Canada took what is arguably one of our most important steps to further the role and representation of women in our Armed Forces. Strong, Secure, Engaged, puts diversity and gender equality among its top priorities for everything our military does today and will be doing for years to come.

Join us in finding more ways to empower women and girls in our communities, not just on this International Women’s Day, but on every day of the year.

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