Remembrance Day 2017

Video / November 10, 2017


Harjit S. Sajjan: To me, remembrance is about every single day that I look at myself, and am I honouring the great sacrifice of all our great women and men that actually have gone before us? And to me, that’s the best way to remember them, is that we succeed, because that’s what in my opinion, that they would want, have wanted.

Young boy: Remembrance means to me that people sacrificed their life for something that they wanted to do, as protect our country.

Young girl: To me, it’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the people that have done things to help us have a life, a great life, that we have today.

1st man: I actually met Colonel Cecil Merritt, when I was 18 or 19. Too young, perhaps too naïve, to even understand that this was the hero of Dieppe. The man who won the Victoria Cross for bravery. I wish I had understood and known the sacrifices that he had made when I met him.

2nd man: Being a Newfoundlander, there’s a special remembrance for me because of Beaumont-Hamel, where we lost a whole generation.

3rd man: In this picture is my great-uncle. He’s number two in the picture here, and his name is Thomas McCarthy. He fought in the First World War, and was killed in action at Passchendaele on November 6th, 1917.

4th man: My grandfather, and six of my uncles and one aunt served in both World Wars, and I saw how it affected them; one physically with very severe wounds and the others had some mental scars as well. So it’s important to remember those who came back.

1st woman: And I have three soldiers this year, that are deployed to OP IMPACT. So remembering them, the great work that they’re doing right now for us, as well as their families.

5th man: It’s about the courage, that’s what I think about. The people had to deal with such traumatic and turbulent times.

2nd woman: Remembrance Day to me is a time to say “Thank You”.

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